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As many who have tried and failed will tell you, the snack food business is not an easy business to crack - and beef jerky eaters are especially particular when it comes to selecting a favorite beef jerky brand. Listening to a serious beef jerky lover describe their favorite jerky is like listening to a connoisseur of other gourmet foods, there is passion there. With a customer base so dedicated and discerning, there’s really no other way to survive in the beef jerky business than to offer the highest quality meat and the most sophisticated processing techniques in the industry - a few secret family recipes also don’t hurt. When you browse our selection of the best beef jerky online, you’re doing more than shopping for a snack - you’re coming into our home to taste a piece of our family’s culinary history. Using methods and recipes handed down from generation to generation, our family has been processing and curing meat for beef jerky since long before we set up shop to produce beef jerky full time.

In addition to selling the best beef jerky online, Big Country Smokehouse also produces and sells jerky made from turkey, venison, elk, and buffalo. Every bag of jerky that leaves our processing facility is made only from natural ingredients and contains no preservatives. Each bite of Big Country Smokehouse jerky is as good as the last, and our jerky is the perfect snack to carry on any outing or adventure. An excellent source of protein and long term energy, our jerky compliments any outing or adventure from the busiest little league field to the most remote deer stand.

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